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Client Services


We believe in providing valuable real time feedback to our clients. The key to remaining competitive in a volatile market place is adapability. This feedback allows companies to recognise and act on market trends and make any necessary adjustments to their products and services in order to inspire their target market. As Darwin explained It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.


Think Hoover, Think Cuetip, Think Tannoy, Think Kleenex. These are not the name of products but the leading brands that provide them, whether its vacuum cleaners, cotton buds, PA system or handkerchiefs these brands are synonymous with their product line. Our goal when working with a client is to elevate their brand to the apex of the industry in which they are competing. It is irrelevant how impressive a product or service is without an awareness among customers about its existence and availability. Our goal is to have our client’s name at the forefront of their potential customers’ minds.


All departments in every business exist in order to support the sales department. Our goal is to increase the market share for our clients through bespoke in person customer acquisitions. In an era of digitisation and online social interaction our clients are crying out for personalised human-to-human representation of their brands. Our goal is to identify customer wants and desires and match them with our clients product and service portfolio culminating in a symbiotic, reciprocal relationship between business and consumer.


One of the cornerstones of successfully growing a brand for our clients is to elicit brand loyalty and repeat custom. Ensuring an enduring customer lifetime value is essential to increasing a clients customer base. It doesn’t matter how many board the ship if you have you more walking the plank. 

Our goal is to ensure a customer lifetime value of 3-5 years for the clients that we represent.



Certain innovative product lines or new services are unique and new to the market and as such companies can be unsure of how much traction that they will have with their target demographics. Prior to us offering a fully contracted and fixed term marketing campaign service we also offer limited time trial periods. We can pilot a campaign- first we would agree on an appropriate budget, then determine targeted returns, then set a time frame for it to run and finally provide a full analysis and report back to our client. Think of it like a test drive before buying the car. 

We implement a set of marketing systems that have broad national and international compatibility. We have helped to run campaigns for clients  in 8 major markets. Our Director has consulted for marketing businesses and serviced clients spanning across the UK, Ireland and the US. Our campaigns are suitable for small scale local advertising and can scale up top cover multi regional and national campaigns.


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