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Our Culture

Our Blueprint For Success

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Team Work

Our goal is to ensure that everyone works in synergy and in a symbiotic fashion. Together everyone achieves more and a united front pulling in the same direction creates incredible momentum and professional growth within the work place. We love to embark on client projects with a clear strategy where everyone is safe and supported in their roles and has ample room for creativity and are empowered to provide input on each project.

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Continuous Improvement  Development both personally and professionally is a crucial focus for Blueprint. We regularly hold educational clinics providing development on numerous skill sets that are essential in business such as negotiation, finances, recruitment and interviewing, sales and marketing, public speaking, goal setting, business development, KPI management, and networking. 

We offer consistent opportunities for evaluation and performance review and advocate the mantra that all that is measured can be improved.

We apply the same principles with our clients. We encourage dialogue around campaign performance and are fully adaptable and solution-focused to aid their growth.

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Job satisfaction and a motivating and inspiring workplace environment are essential ingredients to individual and company wide success. We pride ourselves in having a working environment that encourages comradre and positive professional relationships. We love to hold team events on a weekly or bi-weekly basis including light hearted activities such as quizzes, bowling, mini golf, team breakfasts, team dinners and many more. People invest a lot of time and effort into their work and it is essential that that is a fun, uplifting and meaningful adventure.

All Hands In

Inclusivity & Diversity

Regardless of colour, creed, sexual orientation, or gender, we are looking for great humans to work with and help us to promote some incredible clients. Our differences are our strengths and diversity and inclusion is the blueprint for a rich tapestry of views opinions and inputs  for a maximal creative process encompassing a broad spectrum of viewpoints:  Stronger together, Better together

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Experiencing new cities, countries, and cultures is a hallmark of the blueprint that we espouse. We hold annual rest and relaxation trips including recent visits to Dubai, Tenerife, Barcelona, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando . More locally we have regular opportunities to visit major cities like London, Birmingham, Dublin. The world is our oyster. 

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Performance Focused

We operate a no-win no fee promise with all of our clients. We guarantee zero financial risk with all of our marketing services. There is an inbuilt return on investment when clients outsource their sales and marketing to Blueprint. 

All Hands In

Support & Coaching

All Hands In

Passion & Commitment

“When the student is ready the master will appear, when the student is truly ready the master will disappear.” Our belief is that people require support and guidance in the formation of their skills and talents. We also believe that once these are developed that they need the space and autonomy to take decisions, take ownership and let the creative juices flow. Day and daily there is an opportunity for people to ask questions, soundboard ideas, request feedback, and evaluate the performance

Passion and commitment are vital traits that contribute to individual and organizational success in the workplace. When people are passionate about their work, they are motivated to give their best effort and strive to achieve excellence in their tasks. Commitment to a shared organization's goals and values creates a sense of unity, encouraging employees to work collaboratively and efficiently towards shared objectives. Passion and commitment are contagious, and when demonstrated by leaders, they inspire and motivate everyone to go above and beyond. Ultimately, fostering a workplace culture that values passion and commitment leads to higher job satisfaction, productivity, and organizational success

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